My super power is dissociation. It is the ability to go other places in your mind instead of taking in the reality of what is around and before you. It’s quite handy, actually.

But yesterday in the camp kitchen, i met my ‘Kryptonite’.

Let me go back a step. I don’t do pork. I’m not going to tell you why or be preachy about it. It’s just a personal preference. While here, I’ve handled bacon, sausage, and bar-b-q in mass quantities, and I’ve been fine. I’m a team player, you know.

But for lunch on Monday,  we served hot dogs. 450+ hot dogs. I started out strong with no kinks in my ‘super suit’. But around ‘bunning’ hot dog 235, I crumbled. Something about the smell. What can i say, i was weak and it wasn’t pretty; I had to stop, drop, and roll.  i demoted myself from the bun line, and went to wash a sink. o’ the shame of it all.

well, there’s always this….

this is the “tidy bowl.”  It is rewarded to the ‘tidiest’ cabin for the day.

And you remember Cindy? aka… ‘rise and shine butter milk biscuit barbie”

seriously, who should have a friend that looks this beautiful at 6:15am?

Yesterday, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day here at camp. My friend and i walked down to the lake and got to watch one of the boy cabins having a blast. There is a rope swing.

a water slide…

and “The Iceberg”…

“All in a day’s work, people.”

Last night we served the most amazing spaghetti. The Camp Cook makes his own sauce. I had to puree the fresh basil into the sauce, but had to stand on my tip toes in order to see into the stock pot. Then it all gets stirred with a stainless steel canoe paddle while it simmer’s.

Here are two friends who met here  at camp 15 years ago, when one was a counsoler and the other was the naturalist. They kind of enjoy one another.

Well, i’m off. We only get an hour between breakfast and lunch. time for more kitchen duty. Goodbye from Camp Lurecrest.

6 thoughts on “Demoted

  1. hey carrie!
    so glad you are enjoying life at camp (well, minus the pork) thanks for sharing your words and the pictures! i love them!

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