Quote Of The Day

I have to wear an apron and gloves while working in the kitchen. No hair nets, praise jesus. Sometimes, i forget to take my apron off when i eat my meals with the campers and staff. Yesterday, I walked past my youngest in my kitchen ‘uniform’ and she grabbed my shirt.

When i felt a little tug, i turned around to see her shocked face, and she said, “MOMMY! I’ve never seen you in an apron before!” (see hospitality post.)

Last night was theme night. All of the staff and campers were dressed up like pirates.

Here are a few scallywags….

What’s the matter? Haven’t you ever seen pirates with little dogs on their shoulders, instead of parrots?


After dinner, each cabin had to make their own boats with materials provided and then compete in a camp wide boat race in the pool. The winner’s got to inscribe their cabin name into the ‘prestigious’ golden gull. Oh, and get a treat at the ‘ranch house.’

Cabin 4’s planning session….

Here they are choosing, who will ride in the boat, and which camper will be the ‘motor.’

Go Cabin 4!!!!!

in the end, there was no golden gull for our crew. But, i assure you,  it was all VERY entertaining.

Just another great day at camp lurecrest:).

5 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day

  1. Mrs. Luke – I miss you and your girls so much:) Y’all look like you’re having such a great time, love the pirate costumes 😛 I feel so jealous of you guys, I’m in drivers ed this week and have never been through anything more boring haha. Keep the updates coming!!

  2. Hilarious. It’s funny though that the first thing BC does of late when I get home is to run straight to the kitchen, pull my apron out of it’s drawer and bring it to me. And is that a picture of Maggie in the pool or Jim w/long hair? Wow.

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