The Food Dilemma by Maggie Luke

* a very interesting way to lobby against vegetables. she gets this from her father.

The Food Dilemma: poem by Maggie Luke 11 1/2 yrs

“I nibbled at my noodles, I persevered through my pizza.

I chewed all of my cheeseburger, I didn’t scream at my ice cream.

I didn’t shudder at my toast and butter, ate my fries without a cry.

So can’t i hold my broccoli at bay, and shove my spinach away?

Shouldn’t I have a break? I ate all of my steak.

Can’t my cantankerous carrots be taken off my plate?

With my truffles, I went through trials. And my popcorn was a pain,

So can’t  I give away the tomatoes again?

I really just can’t stand it. I’m not a food bandit.”

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