Once the Sun Comes Up

I was blogging about a book I just finished when my girls came in from outside. They had been visiting all of their favorite outside places this morning.

They came in and pleaded with me to go with them to look at all of the flowers at their special haunts. Places referred to as “the hill place,” “the secret passageway,” and “the grove.”

To encourage me to follow them,  they brought in a ‘banquet’ (or bouquet) of flowers filled with “daisies” (buttercup weeds), “white snowflakes” (crape myrtle buds), and “puff-ball flowers”(buds from a mimosa tree).

When I told them I needed to finish writing and I would come out in a minute, my oldest was disappointed. She said, “Ok mom but once the sun comes up, the spell is broken.”

That was all it took for me me to stop and go outside. My post will have to wait, because I cannot turn down a chance meeting with mystery and beauty through the eyes of my daughters. I have so little access to it in my own self that it often has to be outsourced.

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