The Canine Scaredy Cat

We are on our third yellow Labrador Retriever as a family. First there was Gaea, the Queen Bee, who now resides in the Great Hive in the sky.  Then, there was Jake, who was very sweet, but not the sharpest tack in the box. And now, we have Lucy.

Otherwise known as “Looney.”

Lucy is allowed to sleep indoors now due to the colder temperatures at night. But since we are a household sensitive to allergies, she must go into the yard first thing.

The other morning, I woke up to my husband using his stern “inside voice.” He was calling the dog’s name over and over again. It was difficult to make out his warnings from upstairs because of the ruckus caused by her claws scrapping across our hardwood floors. It was clear that she was doing laps throughout the living room, dining room, and kitchen in a hysterical fashion. And would not stop.

I could hear my husband, who is never amused by canine disobedience, actually laughing at her between scolding intervals. After a minute or so, it got very quiet.  That made me nervous. I held my breath until I heard him grab her by the collar to usher her out the door.

When I came downstairs, he was incredulous and filled in the gaps for me. Apparently, when he opened the back door for Lucy the first time, she heard someone using a leaf blower….three houses down. Terrified of loud noises, she ran back inside and began to dodge him. Then, she started running maniacal  circles around the downstairs until she tired.

But here is the best part.

When he caught up with her, she was hiding under the dining room table. If you are a member of our household, you know that this space is called “Sacred Ground.” That means that if a chase ensues at any time, there is a safe haven from being tickled, bothered, or caught IF you can only get there.

But only IF you are human.

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