Sometimes He says, Yes

A few weeks ago, my husband sold his truck. (Some of you may recall it from the post I wrote in early July when I had to drive it for a week.)  He sold his Silverado in order to purchase a dump truck for his tree removal business. I admit, I was not completely on board with this decision as it left him with no alternate vehicle to drive. He assured me that he would be fine driving a dump truck around town, to his business meetings, to the girls soccer games, to church, ect.

Last week, amongst a slew of other trying things, the transmission went out in the dump truck. He would be without a vehicle for about 10 days, which put us in a serious bind. Our options were to rent something for him(which was what I wanted to do in the beginning) or buy an inexpensive car to get around town. Needless, to say….I was a bit exasperated.

We sat at the dining room table looking at cars on Craigslist. I was not crazy about anything that we saw, and finally said, “Why don’t we try to find you something better than what we are looking at.”  I wanted to pool our money in a responsible way, in order to provide him with something nice and reliable.

He was touched because he generally defers nice things in a household with three ladies and a tight budget.

We got out a piece of paper, wrote down our finances and tried to make it work. We had figured out a plan, but it required us going into a little bit of debt. Right about then….his phone rang.

It was one of his friends calling to tell him that he and another person wanted to go in together and buy him a car. I heard my husband say, “wait a second, I want you to tell my wife ” I talked to his friend, and we were undone by their generosity, kindness, and timing.

I love our community.

Then next day, we drove an hour a way, and my husband picked out a car for himself. Frankly, it’s the nicest car he has ever owned.(I mean, other than the 1957 Ford pickup truck he drove in high school.) Driving to the dealership he said overwhelmed, “What you do not understand is that the day before the transmission went out, I started praying that somehow God would provide me with another car. I knew that though I needed the dump truck, I also needed another car to drive. God answered my quiet prayer.”

Did He ever…..

and we are so thankful.

Psalm 116:1-2

“I love the Lord because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. Because he bends down to listen.”

4 thoughts on “Sometimes He says, Yes

  1. God is so good! He continues to provide for his children in so many ways!!! Praise God! So excited for Jim to own a nice car!!! 🙂
    Now you don’t have to worry about him showing up with his dump truck!!!! 🙂

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