A Hobbit Birthday

Saturday morning found me sitting in a parking lot trying to think of what to get my husband for his birthday. He is difficult to shop for because his areas of interest are outside my realm of expertise. or even minimal knowledge. He likes to fish and play golf.

Yet deep down, I was fairly certain of what he would want, but did not know if I could pull it off in 24 hours. Not to mention, I am allergic to spontaneity.

Lost in thought, someone in front of me honked their horn. It was one of our special friends, and the exact person I was thinking of calling to get advice for shopping for my husband. We talked about gift ideas, but he too was at a loss.

And then I said, “You know what he would really love  would be a Hobbit birthday party.” My friend smiled and agreed wholeheartedly. And his excitement gave me the incentive and encouragement that I needed.

Hobbits are fictional characters created by J.R.Tokein. They are referred to as “half’lings” outside of their home in the shire because they are smaller than the size of a man. And though, my husband is not considered ‘short’ and does not have hairy feet, he like the  hobbit loves to eat, drink ale, and be in fellowship with others.

So, in less than 24 hours we put together a party for about 25 of our friends and their children. At one point during the evening, I was sitting holding a baby in my lap and looked over at my husband who was manning the grill. ALL of the men were gathered around him with their ale and were eating his chicken right out of the pan. They were not using plates or utensils and could not be bothered with side items.  He couldn’t have been happier.

The other characteristic of a hobbit birthday is giving people a gift for “tolerating you all year long.” And his favorite thing in the world is to cook for others.

He went to bed saying that we were very wealthy. Wealthy in relationships and community.  Which for us has been one of the greatest gifts of all.

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