Sublime. How the Spell was Broken

Ever have one of these? or four?

I have.  And they are evil. As in E’ville.

I didn’t think so at first. But, that is because it’s mind control in a plastic wrapper. They forget to mention that on the box.

Two years ago, this was an obsession of mine. They made me lie to my children. Well, not lie out right. More like….deceive them. There’s a difference.

My husband and I came across these in the freezer section at Trader Joe’s. They seemed harmless enough, so we bought a box. I remember him commenting on how much our children would love them as well.

That night, I had one and really….there are no adequate words to describe the experience.

Unlike other baked ice cream ‘cookie’ sandwiches, the Sublime cookies stay soft and moist even though they have been frozen. That should have been my first clue. It’s just unnatural. So, when you pull it out of the freezer, it’s like eating a chocolate chunk cookie straight out of the oven. Only cold. With ice cream. whatever.

When I woke up the next morning, they called to me.  And that went on all day. I felt it was only right to answer.

I like to save my sweets until the evening when all is quiet and settled.(read* when my children are in bed.) So, the next night, I ate another one. Which was fine, since four come in a box, that left two more for my girls. My husband doesn’t like sweets. Bless him.

I really meant to tell them about the unbelievable ice cream sandwhich cookies rolled in mini chocolate chips that were in the freezer, but it just slipped my mind. I’m sure.  So, after they went to bed, shocker….I had another one.

That left one for the kids, which was alright.  They were so large and really just a half between the two would be plenty as a treat after dinner.

The next day, I remember getting a call from my husband reminding me he would be in class all evening.  That meant I would be responsible for dinner. Then I thought, what would go perfectly with a night having complete control over the remote? But, a Sublime of course.

At that point, my conscience began to interfere. So, I took the girls to the grocery store that afternoon to get a frozen pizza, and surprised them with some ice cream sandwiches that looked like this…..

I was feeling generous. What can I say?

After dinner, the girls were very excited about their treat from ‘mommy.’ I opened up the freezer, not realizing that my oldest was behind me. I heard a loud…..”MOM!! What is That??!” Not much gets past that one; I was forced to share my Sublime. The last one. Seriously, there should be some kind of medal for that level of sacrifice for another.

For a few weeks, you would always find a box of Sublime in my freezer. Or 5.

One evening about a month later, we had a sweet friend come and watch our girls so my husband and I  could go on a date.  She is young, spunky, and loves to come over to our house. It may be because of the 5lb bag of m&m’s in the freezer, but I’m sure it’s more about us and our company.

When I was leaving, I told her she could help herself to anything in the house that she wanted and showed her the Sublimes. After all, that’s the secret of generosity isn’t….having lots of back up? Her eyes got big, and she was excited.

We got home a few hours later, and the girls were in bed. I asked her, “So….How was it?”  She responded that the girls had been very good, and that they had a great time.

I said, “A’hem…….I meant the Sublime.”  Her response was, “Oh, no way!! Did you see how many calories are in those things?”

What?! Calories!!?? Who does that? It never occurred to me to read the caloric intake in one cookie. So, I went and flipped the box over.

Let’s just say that one cookie has as many calories as a meal. For a lumberjack.

That’s all it took. And the spell was broken. Thank goodness for friendship.

4 thoughts on “Sublime. How the Spell was Broken

  1. I bought Mini Mint Ice Cream Mouthfuls at T. Joe’s today. It is chocolate chip mint ice cream between chocolate cookies.
    For 2 cookies they are 120 calories/6 g fat. I haven’t tasted them yet, but they are lower in calories and look yummy. Maybe, this could be a new obsession for you. It might be for me!

  2. That girl watching your children should really learn to live a little. Who DOES look at the calories on a box of Delicious?!

    I don’t even know that girl anymore. 🙂

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