From SB Island over the past year

*(left)my youngest daughter’s foot. (middle) my husband’s foot. (right) my oldest daughter’s foot. i love this shot because it was  not staged.

*2009 Sea Turtle Patrol

*SB island bike ride

*porpoise play

Tomorrow morning is our first Kiawah Island Sea Turtle Patrol dig at 6:15am. The TP excavates a nest 3 days after it hatches to ensure there are no turtles trapped down inside. It is a good thing when you do not find baby turtles left in a nest, but it’s SO fun to uncover a few and watch them fight their way out to sea.

I will keep you posted.

Here’s my official t-shirt!

I assure you that ‘burnt orange’ is not in my color pallet. But, whattayagonnado.

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