Birthday Shopping

Last night, my youngest and I went birthday shopping for my oldest. It made me teary.


1. I passed the games Candy Land, Hi Ho Cheerio, and Chutes and Ladders, and headed for Twister, Guesstures, and Harry Potter Clue. I guess, I’m a little happy not to have to play Chute’s and Ladders anymore. That game can take FOREVER.

2. I walked passed the arts and crafts section, and went to pick out a nice hair straightening flat iron, hair product, and cute hair accessories. oh, and an i tunes gift card.

3. There was no play dough in my cart for party favors. Or pinwheels. Or bubbles. or sidewalk chalk. Or Disney themed party plates and napkins.


4. Because all she wants to do is ‘hang out’ with friends and stay up all night talking.

What just happened?

Wasn’t this you just last year?

Ok, maybe that’s me being a bit dramatic. But surely this is recent….

What?  No?

Ok, Ok….but this is where i draw the line, missy. And you can forget about going off to college!!

Ahhh, that feels better. Thank goodness for super powers.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Shopping

  1. For my money, this is one of your best.
    Writing is succinct, funny, poignant. Obviously from the heart.
    Thank you for her.

  2. Wow. God bless your sweet girls! I hope to have children as precious as yours. Happy Birthday Maggie!

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