The Details of Life

i’m overwhelmed with the details of life. internal and external.

i’m limited. in resources. internal and external.

sometimes i have to fight the darkness inside of me that inadequacy and imperfection exposes.  never enough. or too much.

sometimes i lose.

sometimes i overcome.

and yet, my head  is lifted in the midst of the chaos. of the darkness. and i see.

see out the window, beauty meant for just me.

will i  stop the worrying and the planning? and just look and listen to the whispers of love trying to calm me.

I answer.  I grab my camera. and go out. I stop searching and begin to see for the first time all day.

I see life. i hear the quiet. i see beauty. all in the imperfection of me.

because i’ve stopped. and listened to something other than my fears. i begin to see the details of life. and beauty that was meant just for me.

and i feel at peace.

Psalm 3:3

“But you O Lord, are a shield about me. You are my glory, and the lifter of my head.”

3 thoughts on “The Details of Life

  1. That was indeed beautiful, and calm, and placing it all in perspective. The perspective I can often lose sight of myself. Thank you Carrie, for being a means of grace that I adore. Tari

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