The Final Camp Cut

Here are the bedtime buddies who are going to camp!


“Sweetblossom”, the lamb. she’s shy and very sweet. Loves to sing.

“Moonbeam”, the black cat. She’s very good with wands, and is going to be a ship’s cat when she grows up.

“Lovey Bovey”, the dog. He tells really good stories.

“Blankie”. well, it has seen better days.

“Brownie Royaling”, the brown dog. He does not have a special talent because he is so cute and doesn’t need one.

“Crystal”(as in Bowersox), the white bunny. She is very brave and can make people laugh. She can hear people talking from miles away.

“Padra”, the bobble head dinosaur. He is very strong and can move heavy things. He is a policeman and palace guard.

“Crusty”, the yellow blanket. AKA….”Brownie’s Bundler.

I will see you all monday…live from Lurecrest’s kitchen where i’ll be cooking camp style all week!

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