The Difference Between Boys and Girls at My House

**i apologize before hand for the raging gender stereotyping that you will encounter during this post. I understand that there are exceptions in every case.**

When my husband went away for a full week recently,  he packed the day before he left.  One duffel bag and 15 minutes later, he was finished. I’m not kidding. As a matter of fact, I kept circling him like a buzzard all afternoon wondering when in the world he was going to get ready for his trip. Where was his list? Where were his piles?

*it may shock you to know that he did in fact survive, but only the Lord knows how.*

My girls and i will be leaving for camp (see “Summer Wonders” post) on Sunday, and I assure we will be ready.  over ready….actually. After all, to them,  there is as much fun to be had in the planning and shopping than in the doing.

Yesterday we took our list(*see what I mean) and headed out to begin our quest. And what’s a travel experience without something like this…..

I mean, it wasn’t on my list, but how could i pass this up? SO cute.

And how fun is it to gorge yourself on mini travel toiletries!!??….like so….

The only thing better is shopping for  school supplies.

*maybe the difference between boys and girls is not in the planning but in the shopping. Hummmm….i need to think on that. but after we go and purchase mini fans and flashlights.

4 thoughts on “The Difference Between Boys and Girls at My House

  1. I’m not sure that either planning or shopping is the difference between us – it all depends on the context… Half the fun of building the deck is planning it and of course shopping for the new power tools I’d “need”! 🙂

  2. Yes – definitely get the fan and flashlight I’m sure you’ll need it! Much like I needed my “prescription strength” deodorant in Africa… 🙂

  3. I loved shopping for school supplies. Wait until it’s time to plan for college! What fun!
    Your posts are entertaining. I enjoy them.

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