What I See Vs. What They See: take 3

I see: a cute puppy.

They see: The Bride, “Puddles” on her wedding day.

I see: “Sam” the sheepdog who gave Wile E. Coyote such a hard time. (remember? )

They see: The Groom, “Severus.”

(not to be confused with the chocolate lab, “Frodo” who is officiating the  wedding ceremony.)

I see: stuffed animals everywhere but thankfully…very orderly.

They see: The Guests and Groom waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle

I see:  a nice straight line of animals. i like straight lines.

They see: The Bride’s side.

I see: more order. i love order. oh, and my chaotic rug that seemed like a great idea at the time.

They see: The Groom’s side:

* and ‘baby kitty’ (3rd from the left) who has a tendency to ‘mess up’ events has been warned that “ruining a wedding is way worse than ruining a birthday party”. You know, there’s always one in every family.

I see: two cute puppies

They see:  “Puddles” and her Maid of Honor: “Lucy”

I see: “Sam” and a lion.

They see: “Severus” and his Best Man: “Leo”

I see: “Sam” and a cute puppy.

They see: The happy new couple, Mr. and Mrs. Severus Maple

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