I Can’t Wait to Be a Mom

you get to tell your children things not to say, and then say them yourself.” That is what my youngest said to me while we were outside in the 98* heat working on her learning to roller blade. It was in response to when she fell so hard on her knees and then skidded forward a few inches. She looked at me with shock and relief and said, “oh, mom. i am so glad you made me wear these knee pads.”  Even though she bucked me, like a wild pony kicking at the gate to be let loose. to be freed. But i insisted, and she was thankful.

That is when i said, “Too bad they don’t make “butt” pads.” Her eyes got big, and she looked at me agast…”Mom, you don’t let us say that word.”  “I know”, i responded. “you’re right. it’s wrong.”  To which, she then told me why she could not wait to be a mom because basically to her,  you are then allowed to become a hypocrite.:)

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