Two Poems

Years ago, while attending a seminar, a woman read a poem aloud to us. I loved it. I loved what it implied.  i’m a reader and a dreamer, what can i say? It took me a few years to track it down. i was reminded of it recently, when my oldest emailed me(yes, emailed me) a poem she had written this week. i feel that they are connected in some small way.

I believe that we are all given gifts by God(1 cor 12), but the fun part for me is paying attention and trying to recognize them when they show up in my children and other people:). and then encouraging them to that end with which makes them feel alive and purposeful. Encouragement  after all, is water and a balm to the soul. at least to mine, it is. It is so easy to lose my way, and doubt my value, and reason why i’m here on this planet.

anyway, thank goodness my girls are taking a writing class this year because they are both out of my league creatively speaking. oh, and outsourcing. I’m all about outsourcing encouragement.

When Mother Reads Aloud

When Mother reads aloud, the past

Seems real as every day;

I hear the tramp of armies vast,

I see the spears and lances cast,

I join the thrilling fray;

Brave knights and ladies fair and proud

I meet when Mother reads aloud.

When Mother reads aloud, far lands

Seem very near and true;

I cross the deserts’ gleaming sands,

Or hunt the jungle’s prowling bands,

Or sail the ocean blue.

Far heights, whose peaks the cold mists shroud,

I scale, when Mother reads aloud.

When mother reads aloud,

I long for noble deeds to do,

To help the right, redress the wrong;

It seems so easy to be strong,

So simple to be true.

Oh, thick and fast the visions crowd

My eyes, when Mother reads aloud.

– Author Unknown

Once, there was a place, where the roses bloomed, and the willows danced, in the light of the moon.

But that place is gone now,  no more than a memory, but I know it’s out there somewhere, waiting for me…

Over the mountains and through the sea, there is a place that waits for me, should it be high or should it be low, that place i will always know…

I know it will always wait for me, over the mountains and through the sea.

By M. Luke 11 3/4 years old.

Good Morning, Monday.  you’re not my favorite, but i accept you.:)


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